The Professional Group Services, Inc.
    Food Technology, Laboratory and Engineering Services.


The Professional Group Services, Inc provides to the food industry food and nutrition labeling regulations, general label review, communications with FDA and regulatory agencies, training on labeling regulations and the use of nutrition database software, nutritional database analysis of product formulas, product development, assistance with laboratory analysis, and food technology services.
Services are provided by highly trained staff with expertise and experience specializing in Food and Nutritional Labeling. We offer practical experience and applications for the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) food labeling regulations and contacts with the FDA and regulatory agencies.

 • Food Formula Analysis, Nutrition Facts, & Label Review
 • Food Labeling Regulations
 • Food Technology Assistance
 • Product Development
 • Communications with FDA, Federal and State Agencies
 • Training & Assistance on Food Labeling Regulations & Use of Nutritional Database & Software
 • Nutrient Content and Health Claims
 • Nutrition Facts from your Nutrient Data or Laboratory Analysis
 • Consumer Product Evaluation & Testing
 • Assistance with HACCP & Food Safety Programs & Plant Audits

  • Seasonings and Flavors  
  • Pure Vanilla, Extracts, & Flavors  
  • ESHA Research- Nutrition and Formula Software